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Having an issue with a DSC script I found and attempted to put into Azure Automation. The script is below

$ConfigData = @{ AllNodes = @( @{ NodeName = "localhost" PSDscAllowPlainTextPassword = $true } @{ NodeName = "localhost" } ); NonNodeData = @{ domainName = "<mydomain>" } } Configuration DomainJoin { Param( [pscredential] $domainCred ) Import-DscResource -ModuleName xComputerManagement node $allnodes.nodename { Name = "$allnodes.nodename" DomainName = "$ConfigurationData.NonNodeData.domainName" Credential = "$domainCred" } } 

when I run it, the job suspends and gives me this output

Compilation completed successfully, but no node configuration .mofs were generated 

Any idea if theirs a problem here or what? I know it is giving me this because nodename is returning Null but I have no idea why.

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