Web Scraping in C#

I’m looking to make a simple C# application that just grabs the song titles, artists and time information from a online radio’s website I use. They have each song played listed in a table with what time the song was played and then the song title and artist along with some other information I don’t […]

Create AD Accounts and Add To Group

So this is working as far as creating accounts and putting them in the proper OU. However I can’t figure out how to add those users to the group “All-Students”. Here is the line in question: Add-ADGroupMember -Identity All-Students -Member $SAM Screenshot of the excel file we convert: http://i.imgur.com/sadEQQt.png Any ideas? Thanks! Full script: $date […]

PowerShell DSC

Having an issue with a DSC script I found and attempted to put into Azure Automation. The script is below $ConfigData = @{ AllNodes = @( @{ NodeName = “localhost” PSDscAllowPlainTextPassword = $true } @{ NodeName = “localhost” } ); NonNodeData = @{ domainName = “<mydomain>” } } Configuration DomainJoin { Param( [pscredential] $domainCred ) […]