[VB2015] Program for my mom (Dinner Ideas)


I’m trying to come up with a plan to create a program that will help my mom with dinner ideas. (It’s always been a struggle in the house thinking of what we would eat that night)

I’m reaching out to you guys so that I can plan correctly, or even just to tell me that this is something that can’t be done.

I want the program to: Open with two buttons: Add recipe, Generate Grocery list

If she hits “Add recipe” I want a new window to open and have fields that she can populate. (Name of recipe, Ingredient_1,2,3,..Prep time, serving size, instructions) and then save when she is done. I would want her to be able to build a library of recipes without having to ask me to add it to the code.

If she hits Generate Grocery list, I want to take her to a new window that has many recipes listed and she can check each recipe that she wants to make over the next week. Then at the bottom of the list will be a button that says “Generate Grocery list” that will add all of the ingredients from all of the recipes that she checked the boxes of into one list. And allow her to copy and paste it where ever she wants.

Is this something that can be done? Should I even be attempting this is VB?

Thank you guys and ill be waiting in anticipation to hear what you guys have to say!

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