[Puzzle solver] Is something like this possible with VB?

I’m looking to code a puzzle solver that could solve a puzzle similar to Super Collapse (example here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MpDTgetyVVE). I’m not looking have it automatically solve it, but instead, have the option to have a UI to input all of the colors or shapes and do a step by step solver for maximum points. (Assuming the more blocks you have together, the more points you get)

For example, having 15×15 grid that has random color or shapes placement, and you have to match each color or shape with its own to clear the board. If you only match two, you get two points, but if you match 10 you get 20 points. The more colors you have “matched” the more points you get. I was assuming the best way to go about it would be to bruteforce all possible combinations and output the best, but in a step by step manner.

A friend is making a game along those lines and is trying to motivate me to get back into coding, so I thought I’d try this out. I have limited coding experience in VB, but I’ve got plenty of time to work on it.

Is it possible?

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