TFS 2015 (vNext) Build Has some Great Features, But …

Probably gonna get downvoted into oblivion for not “liking” everything Redmond says is great.

I like the real-time console updates and rich build reports. As a developer I’m even acclimating to the script kiddie nature of it.

I started w/CruiseControl + NAnt in 2005 and then segued into .proj based markup orchestration. The adoption of XAML and a visual editor in 2010 was heavenly. It is truly extensible with the backing of the full NetFx and custom code-ability to your hearts desire.

Now, I’m finding myself limited and having imagine monolithic single PS scripts hacked together whereas I used to have discrete, singly responsible activities. I just tried to do a multi-config build in vNext and watched it execute everyone one of my tasks per configuration. What happens when I need a “setup” or “finally” block of tasks that are agnostic of the config build? I.E. I need to zip up all compiled artifacts into one file for Artifactory publication. As I see it, I need to just write one PS script that basically orchestrates my entire build then just use TFS to exec that one script.

All that on top of dealing with “Cloud first and On-Prem when we feel like it” tactics that leave us with incomplete features and hacks.

It feels like MS is chasing the arrogant youth and not sticking to pragmattic reality.

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