Announcing MimeKit and MailKit 1.4.0 for .NET Core 1.0

Celebrating my first day working for Microsoft, I’ve just released MimeKit 1.4.0 and MailKit 1.4.0 to with support for .NET Core 1.0!

Since .NET Core 1.0 does not include System.Net.Mail, developers now have the option of at least using MimeKit and MailKit as a way of sending mail in their applications.

MimeKit is a fully managed and open source MIME parser library for .NET that is as fast as (or faster in some cases!) any native parser written in C++. Also included is support for DKIM signatures, S/MIME v3 and OpenPGP.

MailKit is a fully managed and open source email library with support for SMTP, POP3 and IMAP.

API documentation can be found at


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