What are the top 10 most important things to learn in ASP.Net MVC that people might not learn about from tutorials?

So I've spent the last 6 months moving away from my experience from 10 years of asp Classic and VB.Net experience to C# with my main focus being MVC.

Things seems to be going great; I understand most of the MVC concepts used in C# MVC from when I was learning Symfony2 (PHP MVC). I have Razor down pretty well, working with models, views, model views, Linq and generic lists and trying to keep strict OO programming standards with what I'm writing.

But the thing is I'm afraid I'm missing key important things that I might not be learning about that will come out when applying for jobs, or when starting a new position. So I wanted to find out if there are things people who have worked with C# / MVC for years might know about that people new to C#/MVC might not know about early on, or things they should be doing properly that you see people doing poorly early on.

Basically what things should I know about, or learn to do "the right way" to make myself a better C# developer?

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