The best way to store a lot of data on the Windows Server VPS and make it easilly accessible via php

In short, I've got a VPN that I'm using to gather, store and manage the data that is then going to be used in my mobile app.

My data's structure is something like that:

  • Class A – Complex type with a few properties, as well as Lists<Class B>
  • Class B – stores a few strings and string[]s;
  • List<Class A> – That's the main object I'm trying to serialize and store somewhere to be easily accessible.

The app is running 24/7 and it updates the List every hour or so to keep everything up to date. I've tried to store my data in XML but as it turns out, the file has 12,5MB and downloading all that takes freakishly long for some reason and it's not that flexible either.

What other methods of storing and providing data would work in this situation? How can I make it work as fast as possible?

Thank you!

by MrReynevan2 via /r/csharp

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