My first helper class – mailto

Looking for input, criticism, advice.

I'm still learning, and while this may be a somewhat trivial helper class, I do have a real world need/want to formulate a mailto URL is a less sticky way. This is especially true when you are including multiple recipients and a body of something more than just a one liner of text. Forget for the moment someone else may have already done this. Forget for the moment it is somewhat trivial. I wrote this to learn as much as anything.

So yes while most often a mailto URL should be kept very short and basic, I do see in my work environment a need for a less trivial use of mailto. Needs that predate my involvement in projects, by people smarter than I.

I hope that link works, if not I'm open to suggestions.

One of the challenges I found is that while there are many great sources that detail syntax and what things are for, putting it together into something usable is all together another thing.

Once I figured out I needed a constructor and that I would initiate the two Lists there, it all started to fall into place.

Would love to hear what is good, what is bad, what I could do better, as well as suggestions to build on what I've learned here.

Thank you so much!

by Zamdrist via /r/csharp

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