RedditSharp, very slow at grabbing posts?

So, I seen something about RedditSharp and decided to give it a little whirl and tinker around with it. One thing I am noticing is that it takes an abnormal time to grab posts from a subreddit.

HotPostCollection = Subreddit.Hot.Take(20); foreach(RedditSharp.Things.Post p in Maincontrol.HotPostCollection){ ListViewItem item = new ListViewItem(p.Title); HotPostsView.Items.Add(item); } 

Now, even when I only attempt to grab 8 posts it takes about 23 seconds. I have done some things that lead me to determine the listview is not the problem. I have tried using Update and AddRange with nearly zero effect on performance. The issue only comes into play when parsing posts.

by RedPilledCivilian via /r/csharp

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