Batch Printing in WinForms

I'm working with very old code at work, and the task at hand is to take an arbitrary number of RTF documents and print them. Currently, the code sends them one at a time, which is a problem because a common use case has our users printing fifty or more documents this way. This is a problem, because if someone else prints to that printer, their print job will become interleaved with the many print jobs of the first person, causing wasted time going through the printed pages and separating as necessary.

I am unable to provide code, but I'll tell you what I have and what I need:

  • This is WinForms, and I have updated the project to .NET 4.5
  • I have access to the RTF markup of each document in the form of a byte array
  • I would like to either combine these documents into one RTF document to print, or somehow send them all as one print job

Any solutions you guys might have would be appreciated. I'm sorry that I can't provide code, I know you guys usually like to see it, but it's against the company policy. If the information I've provided isn't enough, I'll gladly provide more.

by Matt23488 via /r/csharp

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