QR reader how to stop scanning again and again after the qr code already scanned?

So guys I'm creating an attendance system with QR code scanner

So the problem is the barcode reader read and read again so the attendance is spamming . So I want is after the qr scanned ,it will stop.

Look at my code:

private void timer1_Tick(object sender, EventArgs e) { //WEBCAM if (videoSourcePlayer1.GetCurrentVideoFrame() != null) {

 Bitmap img = new Bitmap(videoSourcePlayer1.GetCurrentVideoFrame()); string[] result = BarcodeReader.read(img, BarcodeReader.QRCODE); img.Dispose(); if (result != null && result.Count() > 0) { result[0] = result[0].Substring(1); listBox1.Items.Add(result[0]); label1.Text = result[0]; } } } 

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