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So I have been working on a project as just something fun to work on while at home.

Please read the ReadMe for more information about the project. However mostly I am here to ask for help and input.

First question: If anyone could look through the code and comment on the structure and how things are done and if it makes sense to you that would be great. Don't work on many projects by myself so trying to get proper structure that makes sense.

Second Question: You can see I currently have an issue open that it fails to load the xml properly. I believe this has something to do with the IXmlSerializable that I inherit on t he ScriptCollection and the DownloadCollection but haven't been able to figure out what. It seems to serialize the first object but never even touch the second. If in the xml you move the <Downloads> underneath the <Scripts> it suddenly gets the scripts.

If anyone could give any input on this that would be great. You can find a test in the unit tests that expects it to find 2 scripts and 2 downloads and it fails.

One last thing to mention is it better to make the ScriptCollection and DownloadCollection or just make a List<Download> Downloads. I had to use the IXmlSerializable interface because I couldn't add attributes to the root element of <Downloads> for <Downloads TimeOut="60" RefreshRate="10">.

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