How can i save a photo to a network location in a UWP windows 10 app? Is it even possible or is the platform too limited?

I am trying make an app to run on windows phone and windows tablets that can take photos and automatically save them to a network location without user intervention in the saving process. What are some of the correct ways of doing this on this platform with the restrictions of UWP apps.The saving to the […]

Good tutorials on sqllite and C#?

I've been working through a couple of courses on Microsoft Virtual Academy (C# Fundamentals and Windows 10 for Beginners) and while I thought the latter hit on several concepts I found super useful, they didn't touch on any database stuff. So was wondering if anyone could suggest some current tutorials using sqllite (for UWA). by […]

Every time someone argues against “adding complexity” to the code, it blows up in their face but they continue to do it

So I've just sitting back over the last few years and observing herds of jaded or lazy developers throw shit-fits about some "punk kid" using too many new-fangled design patterns (the patterns are older than most of the people on my team), so we end up over-simplifying processes that are inherently complex to begin with. […]