New C# learner , some help is needed to understand something.

So I'm making this little program so I learn through coding and develop my self , and perfect the if statements and etc.. but I got stuck here : ""

, I tried everything , if statements , switch etc…

I can't solve my problem and didn't want to get help so i solve it my self but I gave up. So some help so I understand what I'm doing and how to solve it is appreciated ,

if someone can re-write the code into If statements only that would be very great to me , so i can understand If statements more and more.

Code : Image explanation :

P.S in the screenshots , I forgot to make the code hide label4.Text after "Yasuo" is the answer for What is this champion name ?

If textbox4.Text is "annie" then label4 should show "Goodjob"

by MIDGENERAL via /r/csharp

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