Need to create a SQLite database file. Help please.

Hey guys. I'll cut to the chase and say that I want to create a local database using SQLite, but I don't know how to create a database file to use outside of Microsoft Access (don't have Access btw).

Some people on the interwebs said to simply do this:

using SQLite; SQLiteConnection.CreateFile("database file's name here"); 

Unfortunately, I get back this error:

SQLite.SQLiteConnection does not contain a definition of CreateFile. 

EDIT: I use Xamarin, and it turns out that the SQLite.cs file itself gets a whopping 66 errors alone when I try to build the program. Is there something wrong with the version I'm using or what?

A lot of the errors involve not having assembly references when the assembly reference they want is clearly in the file.

by TheSnowballofCobalt via /r/csharp

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