Moved from Winforms to WPF? But, like, Willingly?

Hi. Just seeking informed option here, really: I've delivered line-of-business applications using Winforms UI for 10 years up. My team and I are really productive with it: We know it's intricacies. So much so that Winforms' limitations are no longer a hindrance to delivering stable solutions to requirements, in good time. We're a modern team so loose-coupling is a point of pride: All our frequently used classes are compiled and referenced as assemblies via interface (data access etc) and we use our best endeavours to separate the UI/forms code from business logic (kinda MVP, or close). However, separation of concerns isn't critical to the business (they wouldn't even know what that was). We don't have the resources to bring in a UI girl/guy who can do the WPF XAML/front-end. Though that would be welcome. How can I convince my semi-tech-savvy management, who heard of WPF in their last job, to leave us alone OR less negatively, why should I be excited about using WPF going forward? I've built one of our applications in WPF to check it out, but there's a lot of pain (because I don't know its intricacies!) compared to just being able to bang out another stable Winforms app. Thanks.

TL;DR Moved from Winforms to WPF perhaps unnecessarily? Why?

by DefChip via /r/csharp

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