getting a Cannot convert source type ‘method group’

I have a java background and I am now trying to reproduce a class that I created in java in c#. I do not understand what a 'method group' even is. I am encountering multiple errors all over the place, which I am hoping is being caused by the error I have asked about. Am I trying to write this too much like java? I just want to create the 5 private strings, assign them in the constructor, and return them using getters.


public class Event { private string eventLink; private string eventTitle; private string eventInfo; private string eventImage; private string eventDesc; public event(string link, string title, string info, string image, string desc) { this.eventLink = link; this.eventTitle = title; this.eventInfo = info; this.eventImage = image; this.eventDesc = desc; } public string getLink() { return eventLink; } public string getTitle() { return eventTitle; } public string getInfo() { return eventInfo; } public string getImage() { return eventImage; } public string getDesc() { return eventDesc; } } 

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