Event OnUpdate

Hello guys, I have been trying for past few days learn as much as possible about events in C#, because i needed it in my program i'm coding so until now all worked out i got first few events working but now is there hardest part i can't figure up.

I want an event called OnUpdate that will start when program starts – ends when program ends and that event repeats itself like i guess every minute or so.

I got 2 solutions but iam not sure if they are right, because i dont think so i'm looking for better solution.

  1. Use Timer
  2. Use Thread

To who still doesnt know what i mean here is a small explanation. Very good example is D3D where is event for example OnDrawing and you put some drawing in it and that event repeat itself depends on the fps of the game. So i'm trying to achive something similar.

by Arlene033 via /r/csharp

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