Convert WMA to MP3 on Server and stream to React-based website?

Exactly as the title says… I have a system that used to be running on Silverlight that I'm rebuilding in React (company decision, not mine, but I'm pretty happy with it). This old system used to take recorded phone calls (recorded in WMA) and stream them to the user.

The problem I immediately ran into is that React (and virtually everything that's not Silverlight / Windows) doesn't support WMA files. That's fine, it's a dumb standard anyway.

So, what I'd like to do is have the server-side app take that WMA file, and convert it to MP3. That seems easy enough, except some of these phone calls are, no joke, 4 hours long (we have a time-stamp system in place to jump to particular spots in the calls… that'll be the next hurdle to jump over), so the user isn't going to want to wait for that huge file to finish converting to listen to it. Therefor, I want to be able to stream the MP3 out to my new website while it is still being converted from WMA.

Have any of you done anything like this? Where should I start?


by matneyx via /r/csharp

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