quick question about game engines in c sharp

So I have been coding in c sharp for part time jobs and fun for about 2 years now and would like to take my knowledge to the next level by diving into a big project. I thought a good way to do this would be to make a simple 2d top down game. However I don't want to just make something unity,which I have done before and takes hardly even a day. Instead I would like to try and make a game engine myself from teh ground up. I understand that this may be very difficult and time and dedication is not an issue for me. I have tried just using a form application and creating a render loop and drawing things onto the form and created a basic map. However I feel that this will become very strenuous on the computer and am not sure if this is the way to go in creating this game. So my question is first,should I continue with my current code or is there a book or tutorial series that really goes in depth into creating a game engine that I can look into? Also when I say from scratch I really mean from scratch so not using xna or anything similar.

Sorry for the long post Im not good at keeping things short so here is my attempt at a tldr

tldr:looking to create a game from scratch in 2d using no engines or similar things like xna.Just creating it myself. Please let me know any resources that provide an in depth insight into this or tell me if I am a massive noob(i have taken no official courses in c sharp since im 16 just online stuff and experience).

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