Problem with RedditSharp GetComments

Hey guys,
So I'm trying to use RedditSharp ( to create an ASP.NET application and so far it's going pretty well, the one problem I'm running into is that their RedditUser.GetComments(sort,limit,time) doesn't seem to limit the amount of comments that are coming back.
var reddit = new Reddit(); RedditUser r = reddit.GetUser(txtSearchField.Text); int limit = 5; Sort sort = Sort.New; FromTime fromTime = FromTime.All; Listing<Comment> comments = r.GetComments(sort,limit,fromTime);

This is what I'm doing to limit the comments coming back and if I type all the values in and form the link manually like they are in their method it works fine but for some reason it still will return all comments for a user as long as it's < 100.
I was wondering if anyone has either had this problem before or if someone can see something that I'm doing wrong.
Any help is appreciated and a happy new year to all.

by sWeeX2 via /r/csharp

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