Learning C#, combining with game dev.

Hello there,

I'll graduate from university in 1 year, and had a basic c# ( in relation with entity framework and database base management ( code first). I've had some ASP.NET with it. The main language I used in school was Java ( had it for 3 years, already made a basic game in it, so I know "programming concepts" and I know Java.

But my C# course was limited at a Database work out, so I had some basic stuff, and found it interesting.

Now for personal experience and maybe take it a step further, I'd like to continue learn C# on my own, with the purpose of creating games with it.

First of all I'm a person who like to learn from paper books, so my question is, what book can I buy that covers a good part of the C# basics, or even further?( Gaming dev excluded, just really how C# works as a whole). Before jumping straight into the game dev, I'd like to get a full taste of C#.

Second question is, after that, i red that there are several things that goes well with C# and game dev., such as XNA, OpenGl, DX? I'm propably going to start focusing on XNA, and later on take the other ones. Any good recomendations of books for XNA ?

I know there are a lot of books on amazon, but not sure which one to pick, thereby the question 🙂

Thx !

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