Is it possible to package console applications that you make in xamarin studio as .exe games or macintosh applications?

Hello! Very new to c# programming, self-taught for a year now, which means I know very little! I've been here before for advice and found it extremely helpful. I have a new question this time (same question in the title) 🙂

Basicly, I'm developing a text adventure console application. No graphics or sound or anything like that, just pure text old school style. So far I've just been developing my different classes, methods, enums, event handlers, etc. But I'm worried all this work will just be a waste of time if I can't share the end product with anyone.

I don't know if my question is specific enough, but is it possible to turn a C# console application into a game where you can save and load characters and files? (Won't be any fun if people have to start the game all over again each time they play!)

If anyone can offer me some advice or reading material , I'd be much obliged!!! (don't worry about sending me dense reading material, I'm willing to give it a shot)

by Tsundokuu via /r/csharp

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