I’m not sure what else I should do to prepare myself for a .NET Developer role. Any tips or suggestions? I don’t have any mentors or programmer friends so everything I know is from the internet. What should my next moves be?

So I've been studying most of 2015 to prepare myself to work as a .NET developer. I really enjoy working with ASP.NET MVC 5 in which I have become very proficient in. I want to work in enterprise in a financial or health care firm preferably. I have become proficient in C# (interfaces, lambdas, but not async programming, OOP (the pillars, etc), Javascript (the basics but not really prototypes and anonymous functions), I understand how to use JQuery(manipulate CSS elements, move HTML elements, AJAX also makes sense to me), HTML/CSS (piece of cake), Bootstrap (I spent a bit of time to become proficient with the framework and pretty much understand the entire thing – col-x-x, rows, most of the components in which I can copy/paste and edit parameters, etc), I've been recently learning Entity Framework and it has finally clicked, I want to stick to Code First, using manual migrations, and Fluent API to map out the blueprint for my database, I also have learned the basics of SQL (the 11 most important commands, JOINs, CREATE, ALTER). I have a bit of knowledge of Identity 2 (.NET security implementation) but could not implement it myself. I also have almost no knowledge of Unit testing as it has been a bit uncomfortable to learn, so I skipped it for now. I thought about how now might be the time I should probably put my skills to use and create some MVC applications such as a personal blog, and health care site for my friend and some other websites (and add some persistence using EF). I'd use ASP.NET MVC, Bootstrap, add some JQuery in there, EF, and implement some kind of AJAX to demonstrate a variety of skills. My question is, what steps should I take next? I really need to find a job soon. I would like to learn AngularJS and ASP.NET Web API in the future but it will take me weeks, angular alone. Am I overthinking all this? Should I just create 2-3 ASP.NET MVC applications, create a resume, and start job hunting? I'm also doing an IT degree which I will graduate in a year but I would like to work full time as I am able to do so right now. Also, I live in Chicago if that helps. When I search ".net" on indeed, there are about 3,000, which is a lot, but about all the postings indicate that they want at least 3 years of experience and about 90% are posting for a Sr. Developer in which I am not. Please help me, I feel so lost and don't know what to do.

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