I’m looking to set up my first business and hoping to get my market research done. Can you help me?

Firstly, apologies to the mods if this warrants removal. I made a link post that got caught in the spam filter due to me being a new user (wanting to separate this business venture from my personal reddit account). So im re-posting as a text post

I'm looking to create a consultancy type business that will help companies write technical specifications and requirements documents that will enable designers and developers to create in-depth quotes straight from these. The intention behind this is to allow companies to compare quotes, rates and the quality of a designers work instead of just their rates and quality before any requirements have been gathered.

I posted a survey using my main account to get some initial market research, and now the idea seems plausible i'm doing some more targeted research through studies.

everyone who enters gets put in a draw to win either a iPad or a Surface, as a way of saying thanks.

If you want to help me out, you can fill in this form

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