I need to learn C# / .NET in a weekend!

Not really, but really.

I just had a first impressions interview at a company I'm quite excited about. They're doing something quirky, the people seem passionate about their culture, and the conversations I had made me think it could be a good fit.

I'm an MSCS candidate. I've got a fair amount of non-enterprise coding experience. They know I have ZERO .NET experience. They're interested in potential.

But they asked me to put together what I could over the weekend in C#/.NET to demonstrate my ability to learn. Things I have built (to give a sense of what I'm comfortable with):

  • Database-centric pathfinding algorithms in Python and Clojure
  • User-level threads library in C and Assembly
  • Markov twitter-bot in Haskell

They know I'm starting from scratch, so I don't need to pretend to do anything I can't.

I've started reading 2010 Visual C# 2010 Step by Step. I'm thinking of recreating my Twitterbot in C#.

Any tips for absorbing (and creating) as much C# as is reasonable by Monday?

Thanks kindly!

by CitizenKeen via /r/csharp

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