I have a console program that uses EF to store stock market data and test some trading strategies. I have questions on some general topics (IoC, Repositories & Rx)

I'm kinda unsure of where to go from here. I'm have a decent enough model in sqlserver and I've been using database first approach in Ef6. After a lot of trouble I have it working pretty nicely and doing what I needed when I started with programming a year ago.

From googling and watching lots of videos on youtube/pluralSight I've been improving my core c# knowledge and there are some things curious/unsure about.

A lot of stuff online is about using repositories and after briefly looking into it I got the impression that it wasn't for me because EF itself is the abstraction between model and logic and adding another abstraction over it was unnecessary.Is that about right? As with a lot of other stuff most of the stuff I found on it was around ASP and MVC

When I looked into IoC it looked super awesome but everything I found about it was also using ASP.net or MVC and I'm wondering if someone can point me in the right direction in how I can use IoC to create my objects (Entities in Data model and classes that I use to test, update, backup etc). Tbh, I'm not sure if I need it since I pass around only a few of the same type of objects. Basically Stock or list<stock> (and optionally DateTime). But if IoC is something that makes coding easier I'm open to learning.

Lastly, I really liked what I read and understood about reactive extensions. I feel that's the answer to a lot of my problems but I was surprised to see how little coverage it received in all my infomation sources (blogs, google, videos, this.sub) And all the stuff I found on it was a few years old. Is it just an outdated library/replaced by new updates in the language? I'm most puzzled by this. If anyone has a good understanding of Rx, I'd love to pick your brain about it.

Presently, I've been concentrating on Tasks and events. And just starting to get into debugging, unit-testing and logging.

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