Help with basic localDb application.

Hello guys! I am sorry that i have to post such a general question but i have very limited time and need help fast.

Im creating a c# Winform project, it is supposed to have a simple database (local one) in which you can enter an owner with info such as name, adress. And you need to be able to add one more more animals to that owner, that animal should also have some information, such as Name, age etc.

I have been watching all the damn tutorials i can find, and i dont know where to start, i have managed to create a local database, get some info with a query and open a connection to the db in code, but i feel like i miss something simple, that one thing to push me in the right direction since i can't find good example on how to connect the animals to the owners, i understand that you need foreign keys and such but i just cant get the last few puzzle pieces in the right place.

If someone would be able to point me to the easiest way to make this happen or give an example on how to connect the two tables in the sql database then i would be forever in your dept!


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