Generating checkboxes from database


I am kind of new to c#, and I have a problem that I cannot solve. I really dont know where to start.

I have a database with small transformer organized into categories(from their radials). So, f.eks Radial H431 will have 25 transformer stations connected to it. And Radial H989 will have 27 transformer stations connected to it. The database is now in .csv format, but I can put that in whatever format and location needed.

I am making an application to select these transformer stations from checkboxes and then send a message to all customers on that transformer. There are about 4000 transformer stations on different radials, so writing them in manually will not work. What I want to do, is generate a list of transformer stations(with a checkbox for each) from a database.

Any tips on anything will be greatly appreciated 🙂

Btw, this is WPF 🙂

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