[Critique] Twatter – Twitter ‘bot’.

Let me start by saying I put bot between single quotations, because the sole reason I have created something like, because when I started out joining hacking forums (when I got interested with how things work and got fascinated by hacking 10 years ago) and I used to see bots that would spam the shit out of chats, and then when social networks were created, bots were created to spam the website. I mean we see bots everywhere now. I started learning C# in school and remembered talking to a guy who used to create bots that he used .NET framework to create it. I put on my tryhard coding pants, with little knowledge of C# tried to recreate that same bot. I don't intend for people to spam the shit out of the Twitter API. I did something, was proud of it and want to share it with people.

So Twatter basically can fetch user lists either by phrases that the user provides, or fetches the users of a follower that the user provides. The second action that it does, that it will either fetch users by the phrases, or a users follower, and would tweet them a random tweet from the list of tweets the program user loaded.

I am looking for a code critique on how I did things. Specially with the Threads. I know the code looks messy as hell, that's because I didn't plan anything before I started which is a big mistake I know. I find a bug, try to fix it with another way and that's why I ended up with messy code.

Any feedback would be appreciated. http://ift.tt/1OZhH9e

by qaximor via /r/csharp

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