Choosing Books for Learning

So I'm increasingly finding myself in a developer role at work and have lately felt the desire to get back into pro-active learning as opposed to on-the-fly learning. As such, I'm hoping to get some recommendations for books.

My environment is heavily Microsoft using: Visual Studio 2012 (C#, WPF, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS), SQL Server 2012, TFS 2010, Office 365 On-Premise, Sharepoint 2012, etc.

While technically titled the BA for my project, I wear many hats (since I am really the only IT assigned at present) and find myself doing database architecting, SQL development, SSIS package development and C# application development. I'm a programmer at heart and have the brain for it, but never pursued it. I'd consider myself an intermediate/advanced programming mind, but only slightly above-average in technical implementation or knowledge; all that to say, I can solve problems easily with code, but it's far from optimal solutions.

Anyway, that's enough about me. The books!

I'm currently looking at the following and not sure which I should be choosing or if there are others I should consider:

My main goal is to increase the breadth of my knowledge on the topics of WPF and C#, but also getting a better understanding of .NET as a whole.

I've got an MSDN Professional subscription through work, so I will be likely leveraging the Pluralsight training as well.

Appreciate any help an insights!

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