C# newb 1 week in. How long did it take you before you could recall common syntax from memory?

Hi guys!

Just finished my CCNA and I thought I would begin learning C#. One question I have so far, how long did it take you all before you could recall code/syntax/stings from memory?

Incase im not making any sense, Ive been learning for just over a week and currently I can build small programs (calculators, if/then queries etc) but I find I cant just type it out, I need similar examples to piece code together. I wonder if I will ever get to the point where I can open a blank project and begin writing code without looking up stings. Thoughts?

Also, while im asking, Im learning C# with the brakeys youtube series as its free and relatively quick. I am planning on finishing the series and then paying for an actual course (say maybe the linux academy or something?) Do you guys have any recommendations for someone who wants to learn in their own time?

Thanks in advance for any replies. If this is an annoying post, or doesn't belong, please direct me to the appropriate place.

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