XAML parsing exception Microsoft player framework in windows phone 8.1 project

I'm trying to make windows phone 8.1 live streaming app. I'm using Microsoft Player framework and PhoneSM references. I'm getting exception while I'm trying to load page with following xaml code:

xmlns:PlayerFramework="using:Microsoft.PlayerFramework" mc:Ignorable="d" Background="{ThemeResource ApplicationPageBackgroundThemeBrush}"> <Grid> <PlayerFramework:MediaPlayer x:Name="player" Source="http://ift.tt/1vxKgqZ; AudioCategory="BackgroundCapableMedia" IsAudioSelectionVisible="True"> <PlayerFramework:MediaPlayer.Plugins> </PlayerFramework:MediaPlayer.Plugins> </PlayerFramework:MediaPlayer> </Grid> 

This is my c# code to add sm media plugin to player:

SM.Media.MediaPlayer.StreamingMediaPlugin asd = new SM.Media.MediaPlayer.StreamingMediaPlugin(); player.Plugins.Add(asd); player.Source = new Uri(url); 

And this is the error when navigated on this page:

WinRT information: Cannot create instance of type '%0' 

by ChiroV3 via /r/csharp

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