So how exactly does this DreamSpark Subscription for Azure work?

So I just got an email from the Azure Customer Support. Here are the most important parts:

Hello Dawid, [...] PROBLEM: I understand that you are unable to sign up for Dreamspark offer. CAUSE AND RESOLUTION: You are unable to sign up for Dreamspark offer. We provided you the below information: · You would like to transfer the DreamSpark entitlement from: m***2 to xy***r informed you that you would need to contact the DreamSpark support team on: · We informed you that data migration from your Pay-As-You-Go subscription to DreamSpark subscription(once created) is not possible. [!! The Most Important part !!] · Also, we informed you that there are no monetary credits associated with the DreamSpark offer as it is a free offer for students. 

So, what does it all mean? A few people on this subreddit told me that I can get 170€ monthly as credits for Azure services. Did something change over a few weeks?

Also, what does it mean that transfering my current services is impossible? I've heard something about limited list of services included in the DreamSpark something something, but I didn't have much time to ask the support.

Does anyone use the DreamSpark subscription here? Is it possible to use, for example SQL Database, storage account, some mobile services without having to pay for them using my card? I would like to experiment a bit with these services, but I'm a bit afraid I'll have to pay too much money for this.

by MrReynevan2 via /r/csharp

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