Performance test a .NET app in different scenarios – l’m lost on how to achieve this.

Hey all, I wrote a .NET application, but I need to performance test the CRUD operations; specifically Create.

My application is required to create 10000 records, per execution. I originally did what everyone else did; used the Diagnostics Stopwatch class, but I have found that I am getting mixed results.

message + "\n" + stopwatch.Elapsed.TotalMilliseconds.ToString(); 

The reason is not just my code or design pattern, it's quite simple – but I have found that the hardware I am testing on: SATA 1,2,3 disks including the processor is playing a huge part in the results. Of course this is expected, but my challenge is that I have to submit a thorough report on this. I am lost on what to submit in my report.

EDIT: I did some research and found that some people run a direct create test in the SQL DB and compare the execution results. This seems like a good way to compare direct SQL injection vs indirect web service calls?

Can anyone advise?

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