If I move my entity model into a project of its own how do I extend those objects definition from outside the project?

Until now I was just using a partial class for each entity to hold entity related methods. To make it more manageable for myself I started looking into layering. So I added a project (DataModel) and moved my entitymodel edmx to the new project. Then I added another project (DataAccess) that references DataModel. I was […]

How can I get the value of a JSON attribute that uses the C# reserved word “as”?

I'm using the ip-api.com API to get information about an IP address, however the name of one of the attributes in the JSON response is a C# reserved word – "as." Here's a sample repose from http://ift.tt/1P8xndY { "as":"AS15169 Google Inc.", "city":"Mountain View", "country":"United States", "countryCode":"US", "isp":"Googlebot", "lat":37.4192, "lon":-122.0574, "org":"Googlebot", "query":"", "region":"CA", "regionName":"California", "status":"success", "timezone":"America/Los_Angeles", […]