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Hi all, my name is Rain, and i am currently learning c# as i have an idea for an application,which i need some sort of guidance on as to my next step to take on my journey through this relatively new environment.

i currently am near the completion of learning the bare basics of c#, using microsoft visual studio community 2015, the console application.

my requirements in terms of where to next after this is a challenge for me because i am on very unfamiliar territory, to keep it very short, the program im trying to get out of my coding adventure needs to:

1)Be able to access system components like using a gpu's processing power for calculations(if a machine has one) otherwise today's cpu's have built in gpu power, nevertheless the program needs to make solid use of this.

2) it also needs to gain access through networking functionality to and from a SQL database.

3)Provide a gui interface on the client side (an obvious requirement).

4)it will also need to run on windows machines (for now) as a process.

and as my journey continues and i gain XP points, im sure there will be more requirements, but for now i am close to reaching my crossroad and I would like to before time where to go to keep on learning,

I have been reading much on the internet and trying to figure out how exactly c# fits into the different platforms and how it integrates into everything.this is quite difficult to understand when you not exactly sure what you are looking for.

Ive been coding for a few months to test different languages, well ive tried java and python, both of which (and i may be very wrong in saying this) just doesnt fit the bill of the vision i have for this application.

any information at this point on where to go next will be highly appreciated, and i thank you in advance.


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