Newer coder here – trying to think about and write more object oriented code. Input welcome.

Hello, I've made several post here and the last one was here:

I had some comments from both friends and from this section about how the log class did not make much sense and I should look into using interfaces better/more OOP techniques in general. On top of this, I got the general idea that I should be using more of microsofts provided classes for a lot of task rather than write my own.


So I decided to actually make some changes – and post the update here so others who make the same mistakes I am/have can possibly get a sense what to do better, even if mine still sucks. Here is the first log class that was in the original github from the reddit post above:

Here is the new, more (hopefully) OOP related one I changed it to:


And as for using more default classes, I added this class with a couple useless methods just to try it out instead of manual threading.

Thanks for all the advice so far, hope some one can get help from advice people have given me in my post at least.

by JacobKemple via /r/csharp

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