C#, SOLID and Open Closed Principle

Hello Guys

I am new to programming and I am confused about how a team works in reference with SOLID and OCP.

The OCP states that a class should be open for extension but close to modification, and I get what this means overall.

What I am having trouble understanding is how it applies under a scenario like this:

Team of 5 developers. They use agile methodologies and stuff so all of them are touching all the code base.

One of them creates an interface called IDontTouchMe and a concrete class DontTouchMe().

How the developers operate after these 2 have been created?

What I mean is, do they keep modifying these 2 as they are "in production phase" and they apply the OCP after they finish the project -OR- they don't ever touch the original Interface and concrete class again and only EXTEND it from here forward, even though they are still working on the project?


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