Anyone tried lynda C# essential training? I had no chance of following along.

I have watched Bob Tabors videos explaining the syntax and the language itself, it was easy to follow along and he actually explained in depth what he did, and why he did it.

Then I signed up for the lynda course. The tutor started up with the basics(like installing visual studio and explaining the history of the language), but from there it went from 0-100 REAL quick. He went from explaining the basic "Hello world" program that lasted 3 min(an ok explanation I guess), to a couple of 2 minute videos. Then all of a sudden in the next video, he was doing parsing and converting(with userinput) and such, now how on earth am I supposed to follow along if I was totally new to this?

I went through the course and understood most of it(because of bob tabors courses) but then he made a video on wpf applications, keep in mind that this was literally a single video about getting the input from the button and setting the text in the button. Now he was expecting in a challenge that I used WPF and provided a functional visual calculator using some "advanced" stuff for beginners, I literally didn't even have any idea how to start(could easily do it as a console application(not because of this course, but Bob Tabor)

I must say that I am a little let down by this course, he didn't go in depth at all about what he was talking about, he wasn't even typing out all the code, he literally just said you can do this and that with the .NET framework, sped up the video and went on to the next subject.

Really not happy with the product, I mean I paid $24 for not learning anything, it was like he expected me to just understand everything automatically.

Anyone else tried the courses?

by razexude via /r/csharp

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