Open source projects

Hi, Recently I thought about participating in some open source project to learn something new. But the problem is i don't really know how to start. I know there are plenty of projects on GitHub, but i don't know which to choose, many among it are already completed. Another problem i see is how to […]

Performance test a .NET app in different scenarios – l’m lost on how to achieve this.

Hey all, I wrote a .NET application, but I need to performance test the CRUD operations; specifically Create. My application is required to create 10000 records, per execution. I originally did what everyone else did; used the Diagnostics Stopwatch class, but I have found that I am getting mixed results. message + "\n" + stopwatch.Elapsed.TotalMilliseconds.ToString(); […]

A question regarding IEnumerable and in general the ToList/ToDictonary/ICollection interfaces.

Hello, I have a class like this: I was curious how long the collections took, so I did a benchmark of 25000 iterations. To my surprise, the IEnumerable .ToList version performed slightly faster. I was under the assumption that things like .ToList used a decent bit of resources extra, as well as interface usage […]

ASP Identity email as username

I want to configure my registration scheme with email as username. I've come accross SO question and I think it's no longer applicable. because it seems that latest identity allows email as usernames with @ and .com Am I correct or should I still configure AllowOnlyAlphanumericUserNames? by Karmadilla via /r/csharp