Where to look for remote work?

First of all I am not even sure if this is a the correct subreddit, but oh well.

I am currently , again a student in a university, I have till very recently been working full time in a remote environment, which I got after doing a project in freelancer while I was in university a couple of years ago, that said I actually ended up putting the university in standby due to the sheer amount of work and time required ( I worked around 8-10 hours). Well things have been declining harshly, and I decided to rejoin college, but I am still hoping to get a job somewhere to help pay the bills. That said, where one can find Remote work opportunities? I am fairly experienced, and I have worked since I was around 17, now 25.

So any ideas where I could actually look into?

by Morphexe via /r/csharp

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