What is it like to work as a .NET developer?

Hey! I'm not sure if this is the proper place to post something like this or not, so if it isn't please redirect me to the proper place!

I'm a student at Norrlandsyrkeshögskalen (essentially it's a trade-school) in a program to be a .NET developer, and C# is the language we will learn. The goal is that after two years in this program (and with the several months of LiA aka internship) I will be able to get a job in .NET programming. Here is a link to the course plan: http://ift.tt/1idjZIG

I'm currently in the projektmetodik course, which is a two week course designed to teach us how basic projects are created by management and/or project leaders. We have been tasked with the project of interviewing 30 .NET developers with a presentation on our work to be held on Thursday. We were assigned this last Friday, and since it's been very hard to interview 30 people in such a short amount of time, especially with the weekend eating two effective days, we have created a survey to help get the information we need and hit our goal. We have pretty much exhausted local sources and it's why I'm posting this here.

A link to the survey: http://ift.tt/1NtCg0k

Some info about myself, my name is Jason Smith. I'm actually from Tupelo, MS of all places, but I moved to Umeå, Sweden in 2012. I'm a graphic designer but pretty much all of Sweden's design jobs are in Stockholm, and due to having a family I am not in a position to move. So I've decided to pursue programming, as I was into it in high school, and prior to this course I have actually taken several programming courses (2 in C#). For more info, just check my linkedIn profile: http://ift.tt/1idjYVf

Lastly, I want to emphasize that all fields are optional and are not obligatory! Only share what you want to share and leave the rest blank. We haven't started programming in this course yet, so the questions are based around work experience and information that is good for someone who is learning about the career path and not specifically the work itself. The data we collect will only be shared as a summary to our projektmetodik teacher on Thursday, and then be discarded.

Any information and work experience, even silly stories, are appreciated! Thanks for your time! If there is anything in the survey that bugs you, or anything you suggest we edit, feel free to comment about it!

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