Typical algorithms that would be discussed in a C#/.NET interview?

Hey guys I've done some cursory google searching but I wanted to know from the community based on experience being interviewed, interviewing/hiring junior level developers. What sort of algorithms do you generally want your candidates to have knowledge of?


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  1. Depends on the job you are going after. Brush up on the industry standard stuff for that job. No 2 interviews are the same. UML – helps get a general idea together on what needs to be accomplished and how.

    I have had a few and usually it goes 2 ways:
    1. they have you code against an existing API
    –it will force you to do things a certain way
    –read the problem, think before you start to type
    –have some good design patterns figured out
    –need to know how to create a project soup to nuts
    –ensure it compiles
    –they are probably watching you via vnc

    2. they will talk to you and get a feel for what you already know
    –talk the talk

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