How to acces weather api url information?

I use
void Start() { string url = ""; WWW www = new WWW(url); StartCoroutine(WaitForRequest(www)); } IEnumerator WaitForRequest(WWW www) { yield return www; // check for errors if (www.error == null) { Debug.Log("WWW Ok!: " + www.text); } else { Debug.Log("WWW Error: " + www.error); }


To get the following information in my console:

WWW Ok!: {"coord":{"lon":4.89,"lat":52.37},"weather":[{"id":801,"main":"Clouds","description":"few clouds","icon":"02d"}],"base":"cmc stations","main":{"temp":291.8,"pressure":1035,"humidity":63,"temp_min":288.71,"temp_max":297.04},"wind":{"speed":5.1,"deg":60},"clouds":{"all":20},"dt":1443618584,"sys":{"type":1,"id":5204,"message":0.0045,"country":"NL","sunrise":1443591602,"sunset":1443633583},"id":2759794,"name":"Amsterdam","cod":200}

I'd love to be able to use the results such as temperature and display a visual image of something cold but I am way in over my head , can anyone sent me in the right direction? Any help greatly appreciated

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