How can i remove projects and files from my git repo without removing them from my VS solution locally?

Hi guys. Ive been developing something half at work and half at home. I created a public repository on github and made three projects inside the solution which i want to be shared on the git repo. I had never made a repository before, so i had no idea what i was doing but mostly figured it out from a tutorial.

Then, i added a couple more projects to the solution for work that i dont want included or tracked in the repository, so i set them as untracked files so they stay local but dont appear in my repo.

This seemed to work, but i added a few more projects to the solution and i forgot to set them as untracked/excluded, so they now appear in the repository. I can't seem to find an option to remove existing files and projects from the repository in the team explorer in VS2015.

Its not sensitive company information or anything, but id like to be able to work on the excluded projects locally but have them excluded from the repository. How can i do this?


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