c# newbie here, can anyone explain why my methods aren’t working?

ok so i'm trying to teach myself to develop a c# text adventure. in my (public static void) Main class I have the program executing linearly, first asking for inputs for data pertaining to character name and stats. I also have a lot of other variables declared to determine which While Loop to execute during gameplay. I tried to teach myself to use (static void) methods outside of Main, in order to give the player a way of changing those variables (e.g., player location variables).

My problem is, whenever these static methods execute, the variables within my main class, despite having been passed as parameters, do not change or alter as a result of executing these methods.

I am totally stumped for the moment, does anybody know what I might need to do? Or am I not being specific enough?

Another problem I'm having is trying to design my own save system, any thoughts on that or possible good tutorial links/free online classes?

by Tsundokuu via /r/csharp

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