Are there any better options for WPF Material Design shadow effects? Do i have to write custom shader effects or is there another option out there?

Hi guys. I have a WPF app using custom Material Design themes. Material design requires shadow leveling, which isn't available with dropshadoweffect. Heres an example of some shadow levels id like to create:

I can use dropshadoweffect for things like cards and floating action buttons (The green star button). But there is no way to have dropshadows on one side with certain blur radius levels, so trying to use it for the menu items while setting ZIndexes for rendering order doesnt seem like the way to go. Shadow gradients are also not particularly smooth in WPF, they look a bit choppy. Are there any better solutions for WPF shadows that are already developed?


by CCRed95 via /r/csharp

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