Why do you code?

I'm a 14 year old and before i continue again on my journey i want to rejuvenate my will by seeking my coding origins. Over the previous years of my life i've been starting and pausing on programming. I don't know why i keep coming back. This might sound strange to you but personally it's not about the code it's about what i achieve with the code in that sense it's a puzzle but it's a puzzle you love you go through tough times in your relationship and you get angry at each other but once you have jumped over that obstacle that is what makes it all worthwile again the reason you have not quit coding is because you know there will come a time you will jump over that particular obstacle and you will say why did i want to quit in the first place? This might sound like nonsense to you and this kid is trying to sound like some Yoda up in here.

After you read the below you will say "That was really deep. But somehow, I still understood every word of it".

Code is the ultimate puzzle which you cannot seize to get bored of there is always room for improvement not just in 1 language but multiple languages. When you code it is a feeling which you cannot simply express through words but through code itself is where the answers lie. Stop reading Yoda.

Now why do you code?

by MatriXcel via /r/csharp

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